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Saving the world from bad programming and exterminating un-awesomeness on the side. And discipling others in the art of awesomeness.


Aliases: Dr. VanAwesome, the Big MLer, V-Pac, Dr. VanDomination, VD-Day, Dr. VeryDiscrete, the VanDruid .


"He's... He's a very smart man." -John Charles

"I want to be Dr. VanDrunen when I grow up." -Some kid

"Dr. VanDrunen is amazing. This Wheaton prof is the epitome of the intersection of the sets Awesome and Smokin. And he's universally quantified. His office is relatively neat, and he wears a tie in his pedagogical lectures. Dr. VanDrunen reads a verse or two from Proverbs every morning and speaks about the Proverb in logical equivalences." -Facebook Fan Page